Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday Night

How I Met Your Mother
Hilarious, as usual. I laughed so hard I chocked a couple of times. Robin has come back from a summer abroad after her breakup with Ted, and she's brought back a souvenir, her new boyfriend Gael (Enrique Iglesias). Ted meanwhile has been getting over Robin by growing his "break-up beard" but after meeting her new boyfriend he realizes he's "losing" the break-up and goes out looking for the first girl he can meet. Meanwhile Marshall and Lily are on a double date with Robin and Gael, and both quickly fall for his charm.
The episode featured some amazingly hilarious stuff, such as Ted ranting about Robin in various stages of shaving his beard off. But the best moment comes after Ted awakens form his druken night of revenge with a Tattoo, but not just any tattoo, no this is a butterfly located in the small of his back just above his buttocks. Yes Ted has gotten a "Tramp Stamp" and as Lily, Marshall, and Barney find out and then make fun of Ted before letting him know about it I was in tears.
I'm so happy HIMYM is back as I can once again look forward to my Monday Nights and my weekly dose of hilarity.

Back for it's second season, Heroes had a lot to set up in its first episode, as four months has past. We learned that Peter is assumed dead, Nathan is a drunk and despises his mother. Hiro is still stuck in ancient Japan and learns that his hero, Takezo Kensei, is really a drunk Englishman, just before realizing he's drastically changed history and Kensei's legend.
Claire and HRG (AKA Noah) have moved from Texas to Southern California (Their version of Texas had already looked like southern California, so why not) and are trying, albeit not very hard, to appear normal. It's not long before Claire meets another powered teen, he appears to have the power of flight, which he apparently uses to look in on girls, can you say creepy!
MAtt has recovered from his gun shot wounds and has finally passed his detective's exam, and is taking car of human tracking system Molly, with Mohinder. Seems Molly is having nightmares about her Boogeyman, who can apparently see her as well. And Mohinder is working with HRG to infiltrate "The Company" to take it down from the inside.
And if that wasn't enough someone is hunting down the older generation of Heroes, such as Hiro's dad and Nathan and Peter's Mother and killing them. Seems there was a group of 13 who went separate ways when they couldn't agree on how to save the world. Now there are only 9 left and it may be one of their own that's hunting them down (before the end of the episode the group looks to be down to 8).
Oh and they introduce 2 new characters, a brother and sister team trying to reach America so they can seek out Mohinder's (deceased) father and find a cure for their powers. Her Power appears to be someway of causing everyone around her to die some awful death that involves bleeding from the eyes (Also known as the worst power ever!) and her brother's power seems to be the ability to keep her in check.
Overall the episode was good and worked to set up the season, oh yeah and Peter apparently he is alive, in Ireland or Scotland, chained up in a shipping crate, with a new power (electric energy bolts, last seen in his fight with Sylar in the future episode) and apparently Amnesia (possibly the lamest, most played out plot device in years, although if anyone can make it work it's the Heroes crew)

Beauty and the Geek
Just a little on this show, I was impressed with Sam's performance at the debate (still think he's a tool though) and I was sad to see Tony go as I think he could use the experience the most of anyone in the house.

I've reviewed it before, just a few days ago in fact, so I'm just gonna say a couple of things. First off I love Missy Peregrym as the replacement love interest. But you could easily tell the scenes with her were reshot as Sam looked completely different (don't beleive me look at his hair (it's lighter) and his stubble (it's thicker) Overall I still loved it.
Also I love Ray Wise as the devil, he does a fantastic job, and comes across as a bit of a father figure, even more so than his real parents. Plus I think the best part is one simple line from the Devil:
"Don't worry I've seen how this all ends, God wins."
This is a line, I don't think I've ever seen in anything before but it's a great line, so great in fact that I wrote the first issue of a comic book based around this simple idea. I don't want to give much away, but basically it's about Satan realizing he's lost the war, but there's still battles between here and there. It's my favorite line of the pilot, and may be my favorite line of the week.

Well that's what I watched the last two nights what about you?


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