Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First off, once again we are safe and back at home. The fires got pretty close to our apartments, but didn't reach them. Some of campus got pretty burned, but no buildings were destroyed, save for a small structure which housed pool equipment. you can see some photos of campus here.

Jeri's work did burn down completely (as seen above) but they have already found a location to have the pre-school temporarily. So they should be back up and running in about 2 weeks. And thanks to amazing Insurance they may be able to get portables on the old site and return there in the close future.

In other good news, the Amazing Pushing Daises has been picked up for a full season! This is the best new show of the season, and continues to be both strangely beautiful and amazingly quirky. thank goodness people are watching!

Also in Great News the horrendous Viva Laughlin was canceled. I watched the pilot and this show had some of the worst acting, writing, singing, pretty much everything I'd seen in a long time. It was worse than words can describe. I was a bit sad, because I love Hugh Jackman, but man it needed to go.
The worst part may be that the title of "Musical" placed on the show was completely false. There were only 4 songs in the hour long pilot, and it was just characters singing over established songs, such as Elvis's Viva Las Vegas, the lead sang with Elvis in the background. And in Hugh Jackman's one song, I could barely hear him over the voice of the original singer.
To sum up, the show was horrible, the singing was bizarre and not well done, the acting was crap, and the writing wasn't even off-off-off-broadway one-man show quality.
Here's how fast this show went:
Thursday: Pilot Airs
Sunday: 2nd Episode Airs in it's regular time slot
Monday: The show was yanked and will be replaced with reruns of CSI until The Amazing Race Returns.
Hows that for being tossed to the curb, gone in less than 5 days. Amazing.

That's all for now, keep praying they will get the fires completely under control, and that no one else will be hurt or killed.


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