Sunday, October 21, 2007

Updated: Malibu Pres has burned, so we don't know what will happen with Jeri's job and the pre-school. There was a guinea pig in the church that we think didn't get out, but the rabbit was gone, and a few of the people who worked for the church did get in and get all of the important documents for the church and the pre-school, so thank goodness for that.

There is also a castle that looks over Malibu, which is a complete loss, it was someone's home. There are a few other buildings burning, but it's all away from us, so we are good. Just keep praying for all the people losing their homes and that everyone continues to be safe.

Original Post:
There is a fire in Malibu all around Pepperdine. We were evacuated, we got some of our stuff and are safe at our friend Allison's house. There are currently no flames on campus, and they keep all the buildings wet if the fire starts to come, so our stuff should be fine, although a little smoky.

It appears that Malibu Presbyterian Church has completely burned down, so we don't know where they will move the Pre-School, but as far as we know no one was at the church. It doesn't seem that anyone has been injured, so just pray that no one gets hurt or killed, and that no other buildings burn.

Again, we are safe and will try to keep you posted.


BOBBAAAY said...

glad your both safe and sound !!

vance said...

OMG glad you are safe... scary stuff, been watching it all over the news way out here and hearing it from an uncle but can't imagine being there, but glad things are okay.

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