Monday, February 18, 2008

Apparently R&B artist O'Neal McKnight is making the Coolest Music Video EVER!

McKnight, whose a huge Back to the Future fan, is making a video for his song "Check Your Coat" starring Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, and featuring THE Delorean. The video follows McKnight's character, a coat-checker, who runs into Doc Brown and "the duo leap into the past and future, giving McKnight a glimpse into his life and relationship with a beautiful lady whom he meets while at the dance club."

You can fine more pictures and a video of the shoot over at

Personally I'm always up for anything BTTF related, so I can't wait to see how this video turns out.

In other BTTF news you can see some "Sweded*" versions of BTTF, BTTF 2, and the entire trilogy over at Fiew Frenzy, a site dedicated to the act of Sweding films.

*Sweding is the term created by "Be Kind Rewind" creator Michel Gondry for re-creating a movie using only what you have lying around, and based only on your memory of the movie. In the movie 2 video store clerks accidentally erase all the video tapes at the video rental store they work at and begin to recreate all the films for their customers to watch. The process is called Sweding in the film because the tapes are said to come from Sweden as an excuse for higher rental fees and longer wait times.


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