Friday, February 22, 2008

Today The Signal hits theaters and it looks to be a very different, very gritty thrill ride. An independent film, The Signal tells one story from three different perspectives, each one coming from one of three different directors.

On New Year's Eve in the fictional city of Terminus, all forms of communication have been jammed by a signal which preys on fear and drives everyone to all forms of madness, including murder. In this turmoil Ben must find and save the woman he loves from the lunatics roaming the city streets, and her crazed husband. But in order to save her he must discover the true nature of The Signal in order to find others he can trust.

The real reason to see this movie may lie in the story behind the scenes. What eventually became The Signal started out as an experimental film called Exquisite Corpse. The idea was to have one filmmaker begin a story and then hand it over to another filmmaker, who would continue the story before handing it off again, until the story was finished. The finished product became an amalgam of sci-fi, horror, and thriller which delves into the inhuman terror which exists within all of us.

Unfortunately I have not been able to see the movie. I was invited to a screening, but couldn't make it, but I've heard nothing but good things from about the film, so it's definitely one to check out. As for me I'll be catching it when I can, be it in theaters or on DVD. To help you decide I've posted a clip from the movie below, along with a behind the scenes video. Content may not be suitable for all ages.


Behind the Scenes


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