Monday, March 24, 2008

Supernatural star (and fellow Texas native) Jared Padalecki can't get away from Jason Voorhees. Back in October Supernatural creator Eric Kripke surprised fans by saying that this season's 10th episode would feature the Winchester boys taking on the classic Friday the 13th villain. Unfortunately rights issues got in the way and those plans were scrapped. But now Padalecki has been given another chance to face off against Jason.
The Hollywood Reporter reports that he's signed up for Platinum Dunes new remake of the 1980 horror classic. But this time around don't expect Jason's mother to end up being the villain. In this new installment Padalecki will play an investigator who heads up to Camp Crystal Lake to investigate some strange happenings, presumably involving a hockey mask.

Last month I reported that Kristin Bell would be heading to Rome for the romantic comedy When In Rome. The movie had Bell picking some coins out of a supposed "fountain of love" since love seems out of her reach, only to find a gaggle of men waiting for her when she returns to New York. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that some of her potential suitors have been cast, including Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder and Bell's real life beau Dax Shepard. "Heder will play a street magician who uses his talents to try to get the girl. Shepard plays a self-absorbed suitor who falls under the spell and chases the girl." Also joining the cast Las Vegas' Josh Duhamel, as the male lead, and Anjelica Huston, as Bell's boss, the curator of the Guggenheim.
Look for filming to begin in New York in the beginning of April (I'm hearing sometime around the 6th) with a 2009 release date.


Shea said...

I meant to send you an e-mail I got from SAG last week which provides all the films being shot in the Southern Area. I'm sending it now. But I did find this out:

Friday the 13th - Theatrical
Crystal Lake Productions, Inc
Location: Austin, TX
Start: April 21, 2008

And apparently Friday Night Lights didn't get canceled like everyone has been saying and will begin production this summer.

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