Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Did Britney Spears ruin last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother? That's the question I find myself asking today. The episode was well written, Sarah Chalke was brilliant, and Ted's 2-minute date was amazing, but Spears performance was far under par.

But the casting stunt (initiated by Spears and not the Runners of the show) did one thing positive, it brought the series it's highest rating of it's 2.5 years in the coveted 18-49 age group. The show had a total of 10.6 Million viewers and came in 2nd in it's time slot behind Dancing with the Stars.

The episode had some great moments, but Spears acting really seemed to fall flat. Her delivery was stilted and she just seemed strange. Maybe that's how the character was supposed to be, and I will admit she kind of grew on my as the show went on, but overall I'd have to give her a C. I came in hoping Spears would do a great job, but her first line seemed so off-base that it threw me and I spent the rest of the episode hoping she'd get better everytime she was on screen.

The episode revolved around Ted trying to get the doctor removing his Butterfly tattoo (from the Season Premiere) to go out with him. Ted had 10 Sessions - one each week for 10 weeks - to win her over, even though she told him from Week 1 she'd say no when he asked her out. Sarah Chalke played, Stella, the doctor (who may or may not be the titular Mother) who gets a 2-minute lunch each day, and did a great job, here's hoping HIMYM can bring her back after Scrubs wraps up. Spears played Stella's assistant who develops a crush on Ted, before ending up with Barney in the end.

The Good: The story taking place over 10 weeks made for some amazing moments. Ted asked "Who knows what they want for lunch 10 weeks from now?" Marshall's response "Sloppy Joe, Shrimp Cocktail, and a milkshake." Cut to 10 weeks later and we see Marshall eating a Sloppy Joe, Shrimp Cocktail, and a milkshake. Also Lily commits to not chewing her fingernails for 10 weeks and as the weeks progress we see her nails getting longer and longer.

The Re-Return: Marshall Manesh's return as Cab Driver Ranjit!!!

The Great: Once it's revealed that Stella won't date him because she's a single-mother, and her free time is her girl's night once a month, Ted meets her outside her office for a lunch date. Ted proceeds to catch a cab next door, where he has a lunch set up, then goes one door over for a movie (the important parts of Manos: The Hands of Fate - about 10 sec), and back for dessert, flowers, and back to her door - all in 2 minutes. (And all in one take) But my description doesn't do it justice so just watch it:

The scene was sweet, touching, and an amazing date. Too bad Stella won't be around again (at least not for some time) But she did have just enough time to mention being at a terrible St. Patrick's Day Party, which may or may not be the party that both Ted and his future wife were attending.

All in all a good episode, but had it not been for Spears it would have been a Great episode. But hopefully the stunt worked and the extra people who turned in will see how great the show is and tune in again next week.


Travis & Jeri Tidmore said...

i think spears was terrible in the episode. so much so that it almost ruined it for me.


Sonia said...

I don't think so that spears was terrible. I think nothing is terrible in this show.
I like this show due to its storyline, cast and plot. All characters are really good in this. You can also Watch How I Met Your Mother Episodes Online for free from here....

Spanco said...

Hey guys ! great news that the new season of this show has started and its better than other seasons. The story is very interesting.

jarret said...

I completely agree with Sonia, its due to cast and storyline. Nothing is terrible there. How I Met Your Mother TV Show is really an awesome show.

Michelle Pendlelton said...

How I Met Your Mother is one of the TV shows I've been following for many years now, since the plot never grows old on me, and it entertains me to no end. Seeing other people's experience and reviews online saying that this is a good show gave me a positive outlook that this show will last longer. Also, even though there are times that I miss an episode due to my work schedule, I can just go watch free TV online to make up to it.

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