Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If your summer is like mine it's a scorcher, with Austin temps getting up to 100+ 13 times already (The norm is 12) and going through a 31 day heat wave I'm looking for any way to cool off. Luckily come July USA's giving us another great reason to stay indoors, turn up the air, and relax in front of an amazing series, Burn Notice.

Last summer Burn Notice hit with reviews comparing it to MacGyver, and if you know me I love me some MacGyver so I tuned in. I must say I was happy to find a show even better than that old classic. Burn Notice mixes the quick, comedic banter of USA shows like Psych and Monk with clever inventions thrown together MacGyver style, and blends them up with a wonderful spy plot, a great family sub-plot (Sharon Gless is hysterically nagging as Weston's mother), and the always wonderful Bruce Campbell.

Burn Notice for those of you who missed last season (You can catch reruns right now on USA to help catch up) is the tale of Michael Weston (Hitch's Jeffrey Donovan) a covert-operations agent who, on a mission in Nigeria, finds out the hard way that he's been given a Burn Notice. A Burn Notice is a notice given out by intelligence agencies to discredit or denounce an agent. Weston manages to escape to his home town of Miami, Florida and told in no uncertain terms that he's not to leave town or he'll be hunted down and arrested.

Stuck in Miami, strapped for cash Weston, with the help of his ex, former IRA operative Fiona (The beautiful Gabrielle Anwar), and old pal Sam (Campbell) a semi-retired intelligence agent, begins taking cases as a private investigator and spy for hire. The cases range from helping his mother's friend get her money back from a scam artist to locating missing persons. But all the while Weston is still trying to find out who had him "burned" and why, a mystery which lasts all season long.

The new season begins on July 10th (at 10pm/9pm central) and adds Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer to the cast as a new spy named Carla, the public face to the people who burned Weston. If you're looking for humor, action, and a weekly dose of Awesome this show is not to be missed.

Here's a peek at the new season:


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