Friday, July 11, 2008

Some of you may remember way back in January I broke the story that The Weinstein Co. had decided to hand Fanboys over the Judd Apatow crew and drop the cancer storyline that was the heart of the movie. That story set off a firestorm of media coverage (including this New York Post Article which mentions this very site!) that lead to a group of real life Star Wars Fanboys heading up a boycott of all things Weinstein.

Well It's time to Celebrate! Today the boycott ended with the announcement that Fanboys had been given back to original director Kyle Newman. Here's the release from the boys over at Darth Weinstein.

Fellow Star Wars Fans,

The battle to save Fanboys is over! AND WE WON!

The Weinstein Company has decided to listen to the outcry from Star Wars fans around the globe! They have restored the original plotline and have given the movie back to the Star Wars fans who made it!

The film has been given back to the original director and he is currently editing the final version at Skywalker Ranch! The original cut of the movie will be released in theaters later this year! And there are rumors of a sneak preview of the film happening at the San Diego Comic-Con!

We hereby end our boycott of the Weinstein Company! The studio has earned our respect and gratitude by actually listening to their target audience.

Our thanks go out to everyone who lent their voices to the Stop Darth Weinstein campaign, and to the thousands of fans who took the time to email the studio.
When the original version of Fanboys is released later this year you should all take pride in knowing that you helped make it happen!

When the official release date for Fanboys is announced we will post it here!

May the Force Be With You Always!


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All I can say is thank goodness that the movie we all really want to see is coming to theaters. Hopefully they'll get rid of the added material that made it a hard 'R' (Re: Sex, Nudity, Repeated use of the "f" word)
I can't wait to see how it all turns out. (Especially Kristen Bell's role!)


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