Thursday, July 3, 2008

You read that right Judd Apatow, the ubiquitous producer of film comedy, has found a new comedy film to produce, one featuring the creations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And although this isn't the first time Holmes and life-long companion Dr. Watson have been played for laughs (Doyle himself wrote several short story spoofs, and in cinema one can check out Without a Clue, starring Michael Caine and Ben Kinglsey, a movie I myself may have to rent.), it will be the first time they've been portrayed by the likes of Sacha Baron Cohen (Holmes) and Will Ferrell (Watson).

Personally I think this premise alone, with these two will be hilarious, but some of youwill probably want to wait and hear the premise, which we don't have details of right now. What we do know is that it's been written by Etan Cohen who wrote the upcoming Ben Stiller comedy, Tropic Thunder, which looks hysterical.

Hopefully more details of this will continue to surface. But it seems like Apatow is really starting to stretch out past the movies he's done so far like The 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, as he's got this on the line as well as his next directorial release, Funny People, about a group of stand-up comedians including Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen (Of Course), and Eric Bana. Bana (who American audiences know from Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Troy, and Munich) might seem like a strange choice for a comedy but he began his career as a comedian in his native Australia.

So what do you think of a comedic take on Sherlock Holmes with Baron Cohen and Ferrell in the lead roles?


jrags said...

Hmmm. It leaves me a little cold. Farrell's last few comedies have been dogs.

Ben said...

I agree that Will Ferrell's last couple have been pretty bad, but I do think that the idea of this movie sounds pretty funny.

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