Monday, July 7, 2008

As I've previously mentioned last season I fell in love with USA's series, Burn Notice. The series follo
ws "burned" spy Michael Weston as he helps out those in need as a P.I., while trying to figure out who killed his career as a spy and why. (A "Burn Notice" is an agencies way of disavowing a spy) The first season ended with a phone call from a woman claiming to be the one who burned Michael telling him to drive out of town. The last scene was Michael pulling his car into an 18-wheeler not knowing what would happen to him.

The 2nd Season opener, 'Breaking and
 Entering', opens with Michael still in his car sitting in the truck. After sitting in the car for hours Michael hears a cadre of gunfire. When the truck finally opens there are dead men strewn about and a lone living one, tied up and trying to escape. Michael’s phone rings and it’s the mystery woman. She tells him that if he helps her out, he’ll get a face-to-face meeting with her.

Michael’s mission is to help Jimmy, (The tied up guy trying to crawl away) whose family has been kidnapped by “The Voice”, to break into an office building and still some files off of the computer. Jimmy is a computer programmer who worked on the computer in question and knows the system. The main problem is the computer belongs to Ryder, who happens to be a mercenary for hire.
While Michael deals with breaking into the highly secured building that houses the computer (which includes using a very good Australian accent) he also has to deal with the ones who thought he had left for good, His ex, Fiona, his mother, and his good friend, Sam. Fiona is pissed, having thought Michael left for good, but is clearly still in love with him, even if they can’t be together (at least right now). Michael’s mother, Madeline, is upset because her toaster was destroyed by “The Voice’s” people, her idea of an Emergency. And Sam, is the same old Sam, except for now he’s living in Michael’s flat.

I’m happy to say Season 2 kicks off with a premiere that meets the bar set by Season 1. The show has the same mix of humor, action, “MacGyver-ish” gadgets, and intrigue. While the mystery of who burned Michael is still being explored we do appear to be getting closer to the truth, whatever that might be. Burn Notice is one of the best shows on television, and one you don’t want to miss.

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