Thursday, September 4, 2008

Way back in December I wrote about My Name is Bruce a new movie starring Bruce Campbell. The movie stars Campbell as a over the top version of himself who's called upon to help when a town is overrun by monsters. You can read more about it in that old post, but today I'm bringing you the new poster and news of it's release.

First off the movie is being released in theaters "This October" which is kind of vague, but it's more than we've got in the past, so it's a plus. And the DVD looks to be coming out in January of 2009. So hopefully this will end up being true and we'll finally get to see this movie, which we've been hearing about for almost 2 years now.

Next up, the poster, which features Campbell looking very much like his character from USA's Burn Notice. Sam would be proud of that Hawaiian shirt. So what do you think, are you looking forward to this movie? Does the poster work for you? Let me know.


Kester said...

i'd love if he were dressed in an army of darkness throwback, but this still works.

Anonymous said...

It's Bruce Campbell, and it's actually being released in theaters (which I am a little surprised about). I'll be there for sure. Maybe that means this is actually pretty good!?!?

patrick said...

Bruce Campbell as himself... is there any other kind of Bruce Campbell movie?

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