Saturday, September 6, 2008

What is it about chick flicks? They keep coming out, they keep making money, and people keep enjoying them, but they're all the same. Boy meets Girl (usually thanks to some entirely expected "unexpected" plot twist,) Boy falls for Girl (usually after he's agreed to date her for some other reason, like money), Boy gets Girl, Boy makes a boneheaded mistake and loses Girl, Boy makes a 'Big Romantic Gesture' and wins Girl back. Ok sure some times they throw you for a loop and reverse the roles so the Girl is the one who screws it up and has to get Boy back, or maybe both Boy and Girl are hooking up for a bet of some kind. But for the most part we all know exactly how the movie is going to go and usually can tell from the beginning exactly what mistake the guy will make to lose the girl. Yet for some reason most of us keep going back for more, and for some reason we keep enjoying them.

I'll admit I'm one of the many that keep going back to Chick Flicks, maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but for some reason I just njoy the thought of love overcoming all, even if it's in a sappy rom-com. And so I'll start this review by saying that I enjoyed 'What Happens in Vegas' and that I think if you like the traditional chick flick rom-com you'll like it too.

'What Happens in Vegas' tells the formulaic story of Joy (Cameron Diaz), the recently dumped, Girl and Jack (Ashton Kutcher), the recently fired (by his dad no less) Boy, who meet in Vegas and "unexpectedly" get married after a drunk night. The couple agree to end the marriage and then they throw in the reason they have to stay together. Rather than the been done to death bet, Jack wins $3 Million on a slot machine and they are forced to be married for 6 months by the court before it will decide who gets the money. (See once again it's all about money)

During the 6 months the couple have some funny antics, most of which come from plans springing from the minds of their formulaic best friends, played by Rob Corddry and Lake Bell. Of course the two fall for each other, but not before Jack sets into motion a boneheaded plan which ends up working, but only after he's realized his feelings. And it's not ruining anything to say Jack makes a grand romantic gesture and wins back Joy for the happy ending.

Lets face it, we don't see these movies for their originality, we see these movies to have a relaxing 90 minutes away from our real world, and possibly spend a little time with your significant other or perhaps some girlfriends (for the ladies, guys if your seeing a rom-com with girlfriends, plural, your likely in way over your head) The real fun in these movies is how the get from point A to point B and whether that trip contains some laughter. Luckily Vegas has a healthy supply of laughter, much of which comes from the two leads who work well together.

Likely if your reading this you made up your mind to see the movie before reading a word of my review, but if you want my opinion it's worth the rent, or if you're a real rom-com junky, the buy.

The DVD has the standard special features: An Audio Commentary with Director and Editor, a gag real, trailers, and of course the big new thing a "Digital Copy." And don't bother with the so-called Inside Look at Marley & Me as it's nothing more than the 30 sec teaser that's been online and in theaters for months.

The real specials to check out are "DVD Extra Time with Zach Galifianakis," in which co-star Galifianakis interviews cast and crew, and my favorite "From the Law Firm of Stephen J. Hader, Esq." which is a hilarious promo for the fictional law firm of Corddry's character.

The DVD is in stores now, so run out and get it now, unless of course you hate Rom-Com's and thus have no soul.


Kester said...

for me and romantic comedies it all comes down to love v. "romance". i love when love conquers all, but so many romantic comedies have less to do with anything close to real love and settle for "well, i have to be with somebody, it might as well be you". so many of the romantic comedies i watch involve people who, if they actually existed, i would do everything i could to keep apart.

this is what i call the "when harry met sally" v. "sleepless in seattle" debate. love v. "romance"

patrick said...

Ashton Kutcher seems more savvy than the average Hollywood folk at least, he has moved up in the entertainment biz so fast...

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