Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday I was very excited to hear the doorbell ring. It could only be one thing DHL bringing me my Screener of Supernatural! To my excitement there was not only the 4th Season Premiere but the second episode as well. Also included was a piece of paper listing a few spoilers I'm not allowed to mention. I so wish I hadn't read that slip of paper as there's some good stuff on it that you truly don't want to know until you see the Season Premiere this Thursday night (as 9/8c on The CW) There's so much good stuff in these two episodes, but it's hard to discuss much without getting into those issues, but I'll do my best.

Not many shows manage to reinvent themselves over their run, yet somehow Supernatural has managed to do so every season thus far, it's first season the show focused mainly on stand-alone adventures with an over-arcing plot of them searching for the Demon who murdered their mother, in season two the show became more mythology laden and focused on a potential war between Demons and humans, and season three became about the quest to save Dean's soul. Sure they all have stand alone stories, but for the most part each season is very distinct in feel and plot.

This season's seems to be no different as the first two episodes change the course of the show once again. I've watch this show from the beginning and I've loved following the Winchester boys every step of the way. But I'm REALLY excited about this season and it's new plot twist have a lot to do with that excitement. Again I can't give to much away, but trust me Be Excited!

After a great review of whats happened over the last 3 seasons the episode opens with Dean's (Jensen Ackles) eyes as we hear screaming coming from all around him in what we can only assume is Hell. The episode is really about Dean and his return from Hell. Does he remember what he experienced for the 4 months while he was away? Why is he back? And maybe most important, can Sam and Bobby trust Dean?

The first moments as Dean claws his way out of the coffin and wanders around in an almost Western setting are astonishing. The look and feel of these first few minutes really stand out as completely different from the rest of the series thus far. And seeing Dean wake up in a coffin is quite chilling.

The reunions with Bobby and Sam are both touching and humorous as it's clear that while both are excited to see him, neither know what to make of a Dean suddenly back from hell. While the boys try to find out who or what brought Dean back it's clear that something has either come back with him or is following him, and it appears to be something very powerful. (So powerful that you might want to keep your hand on the remote as there's a couple of moments where I had to turn down the volume, you'll know which moments I'm referring to.)

The episode escalates in tension as Bobby and Dean separate from Sam and each heads out on their own mission, unbeknownst to the other. The show has always been a great combination of laughs and scares and this episode holds up the tradition of that perfect balance.

Will everyone escape intact? Who or What brought Dean back from Hell and Why? And just what are these spoilers that I've been sworn to secrecy about? To find out you'll have to tune in this Thursday!


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