Monday, October 13, 2008

So here's a couple of fun things I found purusing the Interwebs this morning:

You may recall seeing around the Nets that Captain America's shield had been an Easter Egg in Iron Man. If you don't remember look right below for some pics:

Cut to the present and with the upcoming release of The Incredible Hulk on DVD we've got an Easter Egg which was cut from the movie, where you can see Captain America on Ice!

First a Little Background info: Back before the movie was released Slashfilm had an interview with the movies director Louis Leterrier who claimed that even though we had seen Cap's Shield in Iron Man we'd be seeing the man himself in Hulk. But the movie came and went without anyone seeing Cap. Well it now appears it was in a scene that was cut from the movie as the studio (and supposedly everyone involved, although I bet Edward Norton might disagree) had decided the scene was too dark for kids.

Well Slashfilm now has a couple of pics which I have posted below that come from the above mentioned deleted scene from the film. Here's the screen capture. Be patient as it took me a few seconds of staring before I saw anything, kind of like those old Magic Eye posters:

Now I realize you're probably going "Huh? I don't see nothing." So here's a slightly better image with the area you should be looking at zoomed in for you:

And now just for good measure is the image with an outline to show you where everything is:

Now I understand it's not much, but it does mean that Marvel is working on getting things right with their film franchises. The movie interlock, see Robert Downey Jr's appearance as Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk and the mention of The Avengers Initiative in both Iron Man and Hulk and connecting Cap to both of them. (Although this scene was cut the Hulk movie's plot had a lot to do with the Super Serum which originally turned Steve Rogers into Captain America.) And we at least know that Captain America's origin will stay in tact with him being frozen in ice to get him from WWII to the Present. All in all for a film and comic geek it's pretty exciting.

And now for something completely different. Here's a match up of Toy Story 2 and The Dark Knight. I'm at work (I was told to surf the net as my project is not ready so don't worry) so I haven't watched it yet, but Cinematical says it's great. So enjoy:


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