Friday, November 7, 2008

I got tagged by my friend Ruth. My directions were to post the 6th picture in my 6th album on my computer and then explain it.
Well I use a Mac so I don't have albums all my photos are just thrown together in iPhoto. So instead I chose a photo I like that some people may have never seen.

Yes that's me and Jason Bateman of Arrested Development, Juno, and Teen Wolf Too fame! I met him for a brief photo op during the Writers Strike last year, in which I participated in by walking the picket lines.
I stopped him as he was walking by and since no one was real close he offered to take it "Lover's Style" by leaning close together and taking it himself. He made a few funny comments that I don't remember, except he made me laugh and then we parted ways.
He's a genuinely funny and nice guy.
You can see more of my strike photos here and some videos here.
I just looked back at that post and here's what I said about the Bateman picture originally:
"When I asked if he's mind taking a picture he said sure and as I looked around for someone to take it he said we should just do it ourselves and grabbed the camera. After taking this great photo (I assume he's done this quite a few times) a guy came along and asked if we wanted him to take it, Jason's response: "No we're doing it lovers style" and told me to tell people "We'd just started seeing each other""
So there you go. I'm supposed to tag someone else so:
Jeremiah Jackson, Jon Grubbs, Shea Weaver, Taylor Tidmore, Zach "The Future", and Laura "Formerly Rich" Daulton.


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Aaaaw this is cute! :)

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