Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a reminder there's two great contests I'm running right now, both of which end this week.

First up, ending on the 19th is the HGTV Dreamhome contest. If you don't know they are giving away an amazing Dreamhome. Thanks to the fine people at HGTV you can win a much smaller prize, but one's thats just as awesome including HGTV Wine Tasting Kit, Decorating Journal, Backpack, Tape Measure Key Chain, Nightlight, CD Holder, Travel Tumbler, Water Bottle Holder, Cell Phone Holder, PenMagnet, Visor, and a T-Shirt!
So click on the picture above to head on over to enter The CineManiac's Dreamhome giveaway.

And ending on the 22nd is the giveaway for USA's Burn Notice. By simply coming up with a funny caption for the picture above you can win:

-Burn Notice Tech Pack which includes a Mesh Case, Casio Watch, Mag Flashlight and Binoculars
-Burn Notice Season 1 DVD
So click on the Burn Notice picture above and enter that contest before you run out of time.


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