Thursday, March 5, 2009

To say this season of Burn Notice has been "Explosive" would be putting it mildly. The season started out with a huge explosion as someone set out to assassinate Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and it seems like every episode has scene something blowing up, engulfed in flames, or being shot to hell. And the season finale (airing tonight at 10pm/9c) doesn't appear to let up one bit. And today to celebrate tonight's Season Finale we've got a lot of Burn Notice stuff for you to enjoy.

So if you're not up to date on this season (and shame on you if your not) you're probably wondering what's been going on. Well a whole lot. Sure Michael's still helping out those in need like a modern day Robin MacGuyver-Hood, but he's also been trying to discover just who burned him, and more recently why exactly someone is trying to kill him.

Well it turns out the man trying to kill him is someone Michael knows, a man named Victor (Michael Shanks). Viewers may remember Victor from way back in August when he and Michael worked together to steal the high powered rifle for Carla (Tricia Helfer). (If you can't remember Carla, well she's the woman who may or may not have burned Michael to force him to work for her covert organization.) Seems Victor was brought into Carla's employ in the same way as Michael and he wants someone to pay for it. So he's hellbent on taking out Carla and everyone who works for her. Which brings us to tonight's episode. in which Michael "learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown." I don't know about you but I'm ready to watch it right now!

So we need something to tide us over until tonight, luckily USA's got us covered with several things! First up there's the Covert Ops 2 Game! In which you can take part in a new daring mission and help Seymour retrieve a valuable microchip. And you could win some prizes so why not click on the banner below and get to playing (Right after you read the rest of this post of course!)

You can also check out the official Burn Notice Facebook page and talk to other fans and discuss theories about what's going on on the show

And if that's not enough I've got a few videos you can watch. First up a preview for tonight's episode, followed by 2 clips from the episode.

And last but not least you can read the complete interview with Tricia Helfer put on by USA and many of my fellow bloggers. I've posted a few snippets of it below and you can go here for the full interview.

So Don't Forget to watch the Burn Notice Season 2 Finale on Thursday, March 5th at 10pm/9c on USA NETWORK! In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown.


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