Friday, October 30, 2009

The Changeling is a 1980 movie starring George C. Scott that’s as much of a murder mystery as it is a haunted house film. It is one of the best “horror” films I have ever seen and it’s one I keep coming back to year after year. I first saw the film on Halloween of 1999. The town I went to college in has an old, restored theater called The Paramount that shows classic films as well as some new ones, but every Halloween for years and years they showed The Changeling on Halloween. The film has some very iconic scenes including one with a wheelchair chasing Scott through the house and one with a red ball. But these scenes take on a whole new feel in the packed Halloween screenings at The Paramount. In the scene with the red ball there are always red balls thrown down from the balcony and usually a wheelchair can be seen going down the aisle in the pivotal scene of the movie. It’s definitely a place to go for the experience as much for the movie, as most people there have seen the movie several times over.

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