Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking to discuss tonight's series finale, your own theories on Trudy's death, play Monk related games, or just met other people who are as Obsessive Compulsive as you are about the Obsessive Compulsive Detective, Adrian Monk? Well look no further. USA has your hook up for Monk communities, games, and more, and I've got your links to them, so set back click some links and join in the community.

Here are some great Monk Communities on Twitter and Facebook.

And USA has a plethora of Monk related games on their new Character Arcade where you can connect to others via facebook and challenge them to beat your score on any of these awesome games: Monk Shuiborhood, Monk: Germicide, Monk's Mind Machine, and many more.

Still not enough for you? Catch up with Full episodes of the show at, hit the Monk Video Hub to access behind the scenes content, Monk Moments, Farewell Tribute, Webisodes, and much, much more. And for even more head over to USA's Monk page which has more content than you can shake a HandiWipe at.

You can also head on over to to catch 5 of the most recent episodes, including one of my favorite's from this season, Monk Is The Best Man, which I've embedded below.


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