Friday, December 4, 2009

In the eight years it's been on the air Monk has won 13 awards and been nominated 34 times. But I think the real testimony will be the amount of tears shed tonight as Monk leaves the air waves once and for all.

From the beginning Monk has been searching for the man who killed his beloved wife Trudy (Melora Hardin) and tonight that search finally comes to a close. Over the past few season we've discovered, along with Monk that a mysterious 6 fingered man was involved with the car bomb that killed Trudy. But it's also been made clear that there was someone else calling the shots. For more on Trudy's death head on over to USA's handy Trudy's Case File site.

In last week's episode, part one of the Finale, Monk finally came closer than he ever has to discovering the identity of the man behind Trudy's death. But it's come at a high cost, his own life. Scared that Monk was getting too close the mysterious murderer poisoned Monk, and although it's clear to me that the poison is coming from his hand wipes, the doctor's still can't figure out what the poison is or how to stop it's effects.

But this near death experience may have finally unlocked the key to Trudy's death. The episode ended with Monk, on his death bed, finally opening the Christmas present Trudy gave him just before his death. Monk had kept it wrapped and unopened, as it was the last secret he and Trudy shared. But once he opened it he diiscovered that Trudy had a one more secret, one that may well put all the pieces together and give Monk, and us the identity to the real killer.

I've got my own theory on who the killer is, and you probably do too, which is why USA has set up the Monk Theory Board. The Theory Board is a place where you can examine the evidence and connect it, building your own theory that you can then share with the other Monk fans.

I know that tonight is the last new episode of the series, but I'm holding out hope that Monk will survive the episode so that he can come back every few years in a tv movie. Tony Shalhoub has said he doesn't know if he'd every return, but I for one am holding out hope that he won't be able to get Monk out of his system.

Below you can check out a couple of clips from the series finale which airs tonight at 9/8c on USA. In honor of the Series Finale we'll be posting Monk related links, videos, games and more all day long, so keep coming back throughout the day to see more. (New posts will appear below this main one) And don't forget to check out Monk tonight on USA.


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