Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last night's Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien was once again hilarious with Conan getting in some great jabs at NBC. Probably the funniest bit though was when Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock brought in a tour group to show everyone the "Former Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien studio". There was some great back and forth between Kenneth and Conan and it had me cracking up. Conan also had a funny bit about the changes NBC was making to the Winter Olympics.

Also Jimmy Fallon finally made a few comments about the entire situation. He's been pretty quiet about the entire situation, but last night he finally talked about it a little bit. Jimmy also did 'Head Swap No. 4' which is always good for a laugh.

You can see the clips below:

Kenneth Interrupts

Conan's monologue is interrupted by 30 Rock's Kenneth The Page!

Olympic Changes (01/13/10) [0:55]

NBC is making some changes to this year's Winter Olympics!

Jimmy Responds to the Jay/Conan Situation

Jimmy responds to the Jay/Conan situation.

Head Swap, Vol. V

A simple sketch idea becomes much more complicated when the graphics guy fakes his own death.

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