Friday, January 22, 2010

With Lost returning on February 2 I thought I'd take a moment to spotlight a brilliant Lost related shirt. The above design was created during the Obama campaign and is clearly a takeoff on the now infamous Obama: Hope image. But it's also brilliant on it's own, highlighting Lost's resident Villain? (Hero?) and his desire to be a leader and the fact that he always has a plan.

And yes that is Sterling Bueamon, the actor who played a young Ben Linus, holding one of the shirts in the image above. The shirt was included in an auction at the fan convention Lost Weekend last May and was one of the most desired auction items of the event. Sadly Sterling did not win the shirt. Instead the shirt went to Madeline Carroll who played Annie in flashbacks.

Did I mention the shirt pictured above was one of three bought by Lost mastermind Damon Lindleof himself? So somewhere in the Lost universe there's two more of these shirts floating around with production/cast members.

And it just so happens that the shirt was designed by my best friend and sometimes contributor/webmaster Jon Grubbs. So full disclosure yes, I'm shilling for a friend, but I'm also a fan of the product! And this was my idea, not something he solicited.

You can buy the shirt for yourself here in various designs. Be sure to tell him The CineManiac sent you when you buy it.


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