Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That's right one of my favorite shows on TV, Psych, returned to USA last night with all new episodes. And last night's episode kicked the Winter Season off in style with guest star John Cena, from the WWE. Cena played Juliet's big brother, who is apparently a kick arse military man. Last week I had the pleasure to sit in on an interview with series star James Roday and John Cena, and although it was supposed to be a joint interview, the two were never able to make it on the phone at the same time. Cena was waiting on a flight to take him to the set of a movie he's filming and Roday couldn't get into the call. Roday finally joined the exact second that Cena had to leave to get on his flight.

Although the duo never got to speak at the same time, it was a great interview and it was a revelation to me how nice of a guy Cena is, and how much he's done besides wrestling. Who knew the guy was not only a wrestler and actor, but also has a gold record for a hip-hop album he released.

Cena mentioned that while he hadn't been a big fan of the show before he had seen bits and peices of the show before, since its on the same network as WWE RAW and that he saw could tell that it was his sense of humor and that he knew he'd fit in with the cast. He went on to discuss Roday and co-star Dule Hill and what he thought would happen when the guest hosted Raw (it aired this past Monday) saying "
I’ll tell you what, Dule’s energy is second to none and James, believe it or not, whether you’re going to get him to admit this online on the phone is one of the biggest closet wrestling fans I have ever come across in my life. There are many intricate professional wrestling references in the kick off Psych episode. It was a pleasure to see those guys pay homage to the sport and to the industry fantastically well with their clever way of writing material."

Unfortunately, for those of you who didn't see it, Roday had to have an emergency appendectomy on Monday and was only able to call in briefly to the show, but Dule did a fantastic job of guest hosting, and got a chance to do some comedy with Cena as well.

Cena also noted that he was glad that his character's exit from the show was left a bit open ended as it allows him to come back at some time. He said "
I would certainly love to come back if, let’s hope we get some good ratings for the premier episode and if we do then hopefully I’ll be seen again."

While Cena spoke about wrestling, guesting on the show, and his career, the talk didn't really begin to focus on the upcoming season of Psych until Roday joined the call. Roday began by discussing the theme song and who he'd like to have perform it after this past years wonderful rendition by Boyz II Men. Roday's dream covers would be performed by The Chipmunks and David Bowie. (Funny enough within minutes someone on Twitter had poster a link to a Chipmunks version which you can find here.) He went on to explain "
For me selfishly I would want it to be Bowie so that I could hang out with Bowie and I would actually request that he come dressed as the character from Labyrinth and I would hang out with him while he did it and then I don’t know, who doesn’t want to hear their theme song sung by the Chipmunks? Am I crazy? Am I wrong on this?"

When asked about being the longest running original series on USA, now that Monk has wrapped Roday said " I feel older and my knees feel older. You know what, it’s a testament I think to, to the sort of little engine that could mentality that we’ve had from the very beginning with the show, that we have sort of stuck around long enough to be anybody’s flagship. USA does such a great job sort of branding and packaging their shows and you know, they move and they sort of you got to keep up, you’ve really got to keep up with the train. And we’ve managed to sort of kind of continuously reinvent ourselves and become this sort of hybrid show that can stick around hopefully no matter what else is going on around it. So it feels good for us, I’m not sure if it makes any difference to anyone else, but it, but it feels good to have lasted, to have lasted this long and still be standing for sure."

One thing that Roday mentioned that I would love to see is a musical episode, which is his dream storyline. "
Now that Glee has sort of, you know, captured the countries sort of attention and is in everyone’s subconscious I think it’s probably the best time ever because they do it so well that I think the expectation for us would be to just do it, and I know we can pull that off." Other than that he'd like to see an episode where we get to go into Gus' dreams.

I got to talk to Roday for a second and ask him about the potential for him and Juliet getting together and he said that "
Well, I can tell you that our, our dear show creator Mr. Franks has sort of ambiguously informed us that he does have, sort of definitive plans for Shawn and Juliet in season five, which we haven’t started yet. As far as the stretch run here in season four, I think it’s a little more tangled up and there’s lots of different moving pieces and like you said Abigail’s floating around in there and we’re going to, well it’s complicated you know, it’s, it’s complicated for a little while longer."

To end I'll leave you with this bit of conversation between Roday and myself, I had just told him I was rewatching the old episodes on DVD with my 2 year old son and how much he loves Psych:

James Roday: Trav, I love the fact that your two-year-old son watches our show. I challenge anyone on cable at 10:00 to say that their fan base casts that wide of a net.

Travis: Well I have a video from last year when he was one dancing to the theme song so he’s been a fan for awhile now.

James Roday: He’s the star, he’s a rock star and it’s time we put him on a shirt of something.

Travis Tidmore: I agree.

James Roday: Thanks Travis.


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