Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sorry to the 2 of you who actually are reading this. I'm in a rush so I'm posting a super condensed version of Tune-In Tonight, tonight. So what's to watch:

USA @ 10/9c White Collar - the show continues to be great and tonight will feature another wonderful caper for Neil and Peter.

ABC @ 9/8c Lost - The Finale Season Continues with "What Kate Does" an episode, I assume will look at the Alternate Timeline Kate as she's on the run from the law. If you tune in an hour early you'll catch the 2nd hour of last week premiere.

Fox @ 8/7c - American Idol - Ellen's first episode and Hollywood Week Begins!!!

NBC has a themed night tonight and it's "The Biggest Loser" to kick off the theme The Biggest Loser will air for 2 hours starting at 8/7 c and then "The Biggest Loser" Jay Leno puts the final nail in the coffin that is The Tonight Show.


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