Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday night is a heck of a night for TV, Chuck, 24, CBS Comedies, and Greek over on ABC Family. And for the ladies there is of course, The Bachelor! My DVR works overtime on Mondays and still doesn't get them all.


8/7c -Chuck
8/9c -Heroes
10/9c - Jay Leno Show

Chuck is one of my staples. I'm so thankful for the Writer's Strike, Subway, and now the Leno Fiasco for giving Chuck more chances than it would've gotten had it come at any other time. On tonight's episode, Chuck vs. The Mask, Chuck turns a bold move into a potentially dangerous one. And we've got a sneak peek at that episode below, as well as a look at tonight's Season (possible Series?!?!) Finale of Heroes:

8/7c - The Bachelor
8/9c -The Bachelor
10/9c -Castle

The current bane of my existence, The Bachelor, continues tonight with another 2-Hour Episode. Because my wife loves this show it prevents me from recording either Chuck or 24, meaning I have to catch them on Hulu. Tonight there's no rose ceremony!!! "Why?" you ask, I honestly don't know or care! Why won't you end?!?!?

But ABC does have Castle, with fan favorite Nathan Fillion! On tonight's episode, Suicide Squeeze, Castle and Beckett head out to the ole ballgame when a former pro ball player is murdered after traveling on a goodwill mission to Cuba, and Joe Torre appears as himself!

8/7c - How I Met Your Mother / Accidentally on Purpose
8/9c -Two & a Half Men / The Big Bang Theory
10/9c - CSI: Miami

HIMYM, Accidentally on Purpose, and The Big Bang Theory are three shows I watch each week and while HIMYM and Big Bang are always on, Accidentally has been surprising me by getting better every week. Tonight on HIMYM, Lily and Marshall have to find Ted a blind date for Valentine's Day. Over on Accidentally, Billie goes to Zack's High School reunion uninvited. And on Big Bang Leonard must choose between Penny and Sheldon when he's only allowed to bring one guest with him on a trip to visit the CERN science complex in Switzerland.

After that is CSI: Miami, I'm not sure what will happen other than bad acting and sunglasses being put on by Horatio.

8/7c - House
8/9c - 24

House has a Cuddy-centered episode that shows just what the boss is up to all day, while Jack will presumably torture someone over on 24.

The CW
8/7c - One Tree Hill
8/9c - Life Unexpected

On tonight's One Tree Hill someone sleeps with someone else and there's some kind of repercussions. (I don't actually know, just assuming)

And on the wonderful new series Life Unexpected, Lux gets suspended and Cate tries to fix it by speaking with the principal, which just makes things worse. Meanwhile, Baze gets upset when Cate's radio show plans an event at another bar nearby.

ABC Family

8/7c - The Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/9c -Make It or Break It
10/9c - Greek

On tonight's Secret Life some kids have sex or talk about sex or don't have sex and talk about not having sex. On Make it or Break it there's something to do with gymnastics.

On tonight's Greek, entitled Take Me Out, Casey and Cappie must deal with being on opposite teams during a Greek softball tournament, Rusty continues to struggle in his role as pledge educator, Rebecca confuses Logan, and Calvin asks Rusty to bond with Grant.

All in all a great night of television. So what are you watching?


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