Friday, April 30, 2010

And the answer to that question is Yes!, with an all new episode of Party Down tonight, we're having a ton of fun! This 2nd installment is even better than the first, with the cast falling back into familiar territory and the new member of the crew finally fitting in a little bit more. Tonight's episode, 'Precious Lights Pre-School Auction', brings Ron back into the fold as a member of Henry's crew, a move which leads to some tension between Ron and Henry, as Ron still wants to be team leader. Tonight also brings back J.K. Simmons' and Joey Lauren Adams' movie producer Leonard Stiltskin and his trophy wife Diandra, last seen in last season's episode 'Taylor Stiltskin Sweet Sixteen', for some more foul-mouthed fun.

What this episode brings is some really great moments between the character, which I think was lacking a little bit in the first episode. There are some really great moments between Kyle and Roman, and the scenes, to me, show how much Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr have stolen the show. In fact this season I look forward to their scenes more than any other. Tonight Kyle comes to Roman looking for advice, but Roman quickly regrets rebuffing Kyle when he needs Kyle's help buying a copy of X-Men #4.

There are also some great moments between former flames, Casey and Henry, as Casey waits to see if her acting career is over or is she's got a part in the new Apatow movie. Most of all tonight' episode brings what we've come to expect from Party Down, awkward situations, wonderful, flawed characters, amazing guest stars, and lots of laughs.

You can see a preview of tonight's episode below:


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