Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You may or not know the name Brad Meltzer. He's a prolific author who has written several legal thrillers, such as The Tenth Justice, as well as some critically acclaimed comic books, including stints on DC's Justice League of America, Green Arrow, and the award winning mini-series Identity Crisis, he also wrote a 4 part arc for Dark Horse Comics' Buffy the Vampie Slayer Season Eight. He most recent novel, The Book of Lies, centered on a conspiracy involving a book that connect the World's first murder, Cain's killing of Able, to the Murder of Jerry Siegel's father, an event which led to the creation of Superman.

Today, Meltzer's new book, Heroes For My Son, hits stands. The new book, which I am very eager to get my hands on, is a non-fiction collection of heroes throughout history -- from Mr. Rogers and Rosa Parks, to Jim Henson and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Meltzer began writing the book after the birth of his son eight years ago. As you can tell by the title of the book, its really for Meltzer's kids, something to show them that there are many types of heroes. And I imagine, to show them examples of great people.

If you're curious about the book you can head on over here to see a few sample pages on Thomas Jefferson and Meltzer's own mother.

If that peaks your interest, or you just want to get a copy for your own children you can head over to Meltzer's website and purchase a copy.

And if you buy a copy and want to meet the author, and maybe have him sign your copy you can see where Meltzer will be on tour here.

Finally, you can check out a couple of videos about the book. You can find a video about Meltzer's Mom here and see a video about the book in general below:


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