Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This past spring ABC aired Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a fascinating show that took world renowned chef Oliver to the "fattest city in America" to start a revolution. His goal was to change the way America eats, especially how food is prepared and served in our school systems.

The show opened my eyes to the horrible food schools are pumping into our kids, pizza for breakfast, frozen fried chicken and french fries thawed out for lunch, and sugar-filled flavor milk to drink. Even more amazing was the lunches the kids brought from home which were hardly any better than the school food, and consisted of fast food a lot.

In the course of a few months Oliver was able to get many of the towns people cooking quality meals from fresh ingredients and had many of the schools in the school district switching to fresh ingredients and better quality, and healthier options for the kids.

In short, the show was amazing. The passion Oliver has for the health of this nation, especially the kids is astonishing, and pulled at my heartstrings every week.

This Friday you can catch a re-airing of the Oprah episode featuring Oliver and series producer Ryan Seacrest. They talk to Oprah about how important the revolution is to them, as well as giving her a cooking lesson.

And with the Emmy Nominations coming early next month, I want to let you know that the series is up for consideration for an Outstanding Reality Series Emmy. In the past this award has gone to other series about changing lives such as Intervention and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I think the show stands up well against those series, and I think Oliver's goal is an even bigger and more ambitious one than either of those shows. For those reasons I'm hoping it is not only nominated, but wins.

You can check out a preview of the series below, and don't forget to check your local listings for the episode of Oprah, re-airing this Friday.


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