Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yesterday my good friend Kester and I took part in a Scavenger Hunt but on by Austin's premiere film festival Fantastic Fest. The Scavenger Hunt was part of their Eagle Eye screening which took place last night. The Scavenger Hunt was a blast and a great way to spend an afternoon and ended in a huge water balloon fight on the pedestrian bridge over the river downtown.

But after the hunt was over and we were in the theater waiting for Eagle Eye to start (it was fantastic by the way and my review ill be up soon) the nightmare began. As many of you know the Drafthouse plays old videos before the movie begins, but normally they pertain to the movie you're going to see. But last night it was a collection of some of the wierdest videos ever.

When we walked in there was an old video playing with a girl doing some amazing and scary contortions. We only saw a few minutes of this video but it was clearly strange. Next up was a video I actually enjoyed with William Shatner reenacting the final scene from 'Seven' playing all of the characters, it was quite great actually.

Third was the wierdest video I've seen in my entire life (yes Grubbs it might be even weirder than that German video they played before Bickford Smeckler). It had no real dialogue and was clearly focusing on all the sounds, but the images that went with them were strange and mad little sense. After Kester joked about it being someone's thesis the couple next to us commented that it was in fact someone's Graduate Thesis Program. I'll tell you whose at the bottom of the page, but watch the video and tell me if you can figure out who the bearded man is, because before they said it I'd never have guessed it was this beloved figure.

Finally we got to listen to an awful "comedy" song presumatively from the 60s called "My Teenage Fallout Queen". It was pretty awful. Then they started playing the videos over again and we got to see the entirety of the contorsionist video. There are 3 sisters who first sing a song about "Potato Salad" (which I think is a euphamism of some kind) and then do fancy contorsionist things.

But then the other videos began to play again and once the super strange video played again I had to get up and leave, but I didn't stay gone long enough to miss it all. And then once Teenage Fallout Queen finished, the videos started all over, and then once they finished it all started again! I didn't think it would ever end, and then AICN's HArry Knowles arrived to save us all from the hell we were trapped in.

Just so you can experience that same joy I've included the videos below. The third one down "Time Piece" is the awful one from a well known and loved man. And at the bottom of the page I'll tell you who it is, just in case you can't make it through the entire thing.

And the Man behind 'Time Piece' is the one and only Jim Henson, yes the man behind the wonderful Muppets gave us this 'Piece' of something.


Kester said...

The Henson piece was horrifying. And you never get desensitized to it. It gets worse with each viewing. In the words of the director/actor himself, "Help".

jana said...

I was mesmerized by the Ross Sisters.

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