Friday, September 19, 2008

So did you watch Supernatural last night? I told you it was good didn't I. And those new juicy development can only be summed up in one word: WOW!!!

ANGELS!!! Supernatural has brought us Angels. For years the show has talked about hell and demons but we've never seen an angel (that we know of) and now we're not only told there are Angels, we meet one, and he tells Dean that he pulled him out of hell because "God commanded it. Because we have work for you." WOW!

This is the development I was referring to when I said it would change the show again, and its something I can't wait to see played out. It seems to me like all this time Dean and Sam were working on God's side without even knowing it, and now God's saying he's noticed and he's not done with Dean. And I can't wait to find out what God's plan for Dean is, whether or not Dean will even accept this plan, and what Sam and Bobby think of all this.

Besides Angels we found out Sam is using his powers in a huge way, and lying about it to Dean, and that Ruby is in fact still very much alive, albeit in a new (and improved?!?) body. So what will Dean think when he finds out Sam's been lying to him? I can't wait to find out.

Next week on Supernatural someone's killing off hunters and it's all part of a Really, Big Plan. If you thought the boys have had it tough so far wait and see what they'll be trying to stop this season. Also next week features the return of some past characters like Season One's Meg. Why are they coming back (from the dead) and what does it have to do with the dead hunters, and who's behind these killings, tune in next week to find out.

Sam & Meg in next weeks episode "Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester?"


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