Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yesterday's Quote was:

"Well, I mean, my, you know... I'm not Spanish. That's... I been to school, that's about it, dude, I'm not supposed to know all the words in the dictionary from it."

And that's Danny McBride from All the Real Girls.

Congrats to SDG who got that correct. Also a congrats to Cena for getting Monday's answer right. Both of you will be getting an Eastbound and Down Koozie and Foam finger.

SDG - If you see this please e-mail me using the link at the top of the page and give me your info so I can send you your winnings.

If SDG doesn't contact me by tomorrow morning I will give the prixe to the first person to e-mail me with the Subject line "I WANT MY WINNINGS!" So e-mail me, if SDG doesn't contact me you get the stuff. If not you get an e-mail from me!

No Quote today we will return possibly tomorrow.


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