Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to a new column where I'll be reminding you of what's heading to your TV screens each night. Of course I'll be highlighting some of my favorite shows each night, such as USA's amazing programs, but I'll also inform you of new series, and sometimes a show that we can all agree to make fun of! Each column will list some highlights from that night's schedule and possibly bring you some clips, pics, and behind-the-scenes footage from the shows. So Lets Begin!

Tonight is packed full of shows that we record in The CineManiac household including new episode of Modern Family and Cougar Town on ABC starting at 9/8c and Fox's Human Target and American Idol beginning at 8/7c.

Over on CBS you can catch the special Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials, which I myself will be avoiding like the plague, because seriously folks do we want to watch a program of commercials that's interrupted by more commercials? Sadly, I'm sure some of you do.

But the highlight of the night is over on USA at 10/9c when an all new episode of Psych Premieres! In the episode, title Thrill Seekers & Hell Raisers, Shawn implicates Gus' secret girlfriend when a rafter goes overboard on an outing with the adrenaline-junkie played by guest star Sarah Shahi (Life). You can see a clip from the episode below:

And finally over on TNT you can see a brand new episode of Leverage, also on at 10/9c. In the episode, The Future Job, the team must take down Luke Perry, who guests as a fake Psychic who scams his clients. Personally it sounds to me like someone's been watching too much Psych & The Mentalist.


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