Friday, February 5, 2010

Let's face it Friday is mostly a wasteland for Network TV. In fact looking at tonight's schedule I see nothing that I'll be watching, which is why I usually go out Fridays , watch a DVD, or catch up on my DVR. But there are a couple of channels worth checking out tonight on Cable. Those Channels are E!, Starz, and SyFy.

10/9c - The Soup
This is consistently one of the funniest shows on TV thanks to host Joe McHale (who also brings the funny on Thursday nights on NBC's Community). Each week McHale and his crack team of interns bring us clips from the past weeks dramas, reality shows, talk shows, basically any show which has something hilarious or awful, and then they make fun of it. It's a simple premise, but one that pays off in TONS of big laughs.

10/9c - Spartacus
Starz new series Spartacus is not your Dad's Spartacus. It's closer to 300 in style and features tons of blood, action, and love. The show got off to a decent start with episode one but has really picked up the pace with episode 2 and tonight's 3rd offering. The show tells the story of Spartacus a soldier who is forced into slavery and eventually leads an uprising against the Romans, all for the love of one woman.

Tonight's episode, Legends, Spartacus cleverly secures the right to battle Crixus, the unbeaten champ of Capua, in the main event of an important competition that will be the highlight of the festival. Lucretia objects, but Batiatus reminds her that Spartacus has struck a cord with the public. You can see a couple of clips below:

9/8c - Caprica
SyFy's BSG prequel Caprica continues tonight with an episode titled, Reins of a Waterfall. In the episode we see the media backlash against the Graystones after Amanda's public confession about Zoe's role in the bombing. The tension also causes problems for Lacy at school. Meanwhile, Sam and Joseph confront Daniel while Zoe plots her next move. You can see a clip below.

Just got word that MSNBC will be airing a special about the circumstances of Michael Jackson's death tonight at 10/9c. Here's the press information and a clip:

It’s been months of speculation and we all want to know– why did Michael Jackson die at such a young age? Tonight we hear how Dr. Conrad Murray came to be hired as Michael Jackson's personal physician while authorities reveal why he should face involuntary manslaughter charges in the singer’s death. Dateline reveals the key piece of evidence that has been uncovered to finally put the story to rest.

JUST RELEASED – the outcome of the case revealed. Doctor to be charged in Jackson’s death:

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8/7c - Supernanny
8/9c -Shark Tank
10/9c - 20/20

8/7c - Operation Smile
8/9c -Dateline NBC
10/9c - Unknown

8/7c - Ghost Whisperer
8/9c -Medium
10/9c - Numbers

8/7c - House
8/9c -Kitchen Nightmares


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