Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yesterday's Quote: "I had no idea a Republican could be that sexy!"

Comes from Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda which starred Will Ferrell.

Today's Quote is brought to us by HBOs new series, 'Eastbound & Down' You can see a preview of the show below today's quote.
The first person to correctly answer the quote will win an 'Eastbound & Down' Foam Finger and Koozie.

Today's only clue is that it comes from a movie featuring either Will Ferrell or Danny McBride, I'm not saying how big their role in said movie is.
"Well, I mean, my, you know... I'm not Spanish. That's... I been to school, that's about it, dude, I'm not supposed to know all the words in the dictionary from it."
The winner's of both days will be posted on Wednesday. If you have won, please e-mail me your address so that your prize can be sent out.


SGD said...

its Danny McBride in "All the Real Girls"

also: Eastbound & Down is absolutely hilarious

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